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We provide comprehensive training for in-demand professions in the field of information technology, starting from the basics and covering a wide range of related fields.

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IT skills have become more crucial than ever

An IT specialist represents one of over 500 digital professions related to software development and computer technology. Due to globalization, the IT field has become highly competitive, with Russian companies vying for skilled professionals in the global market. With the economy and everyday life relying more and more on digital technologies, the IT industry shows great promise for those with expertise in the field.

High demand

In 2021, the number of job openings in the IT market increased by 72%, while the number of resumes increased by only 6%.


By 2035, there will be more than 2.5 million vacancies in Russia for IT professionals.

Highly paid

The starting salary for an IT specialist is from 60,000 rubles, and in just three years, it can increase to 150,000 rubles.

Learning Programs

8 main programs, as well as additional internship and support in job searching.

Python Developer

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer

C# Software engineer

iOS Developer

Android App Developer

DevOps Engineer

Full-stack Developer

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Our specialists will help you understand the program, answer questions about homework, solve any technical difficulties, and ensure that you are comfortable with the learning process.

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Our instructors come from top companies with extensive experience. They will share their experience and techniques that help them in their daily work.

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of researches are conducted annually and used to create and improve our programs.

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